Welcome from Managing Partner

“It is with great pleasure that I seize this opportunity to send a word to our clients and our relationship law firms in various locations on the globe.

Etah-Nan & C° that started many years ago as a solo practice, rapidly grew to become a Full Service Corporate Law Firm. This growth, of course, has been as a result of a combination of two essential ingredients: the firm’s Commitment to Excellence and the Continuous Confidence bestowed on us by our diverse clients and other relationship law firms.

Today, Etah-Nan & C° is not only considered as the Best Corporate Law Firm in Cameroon but also the Biggest by prevailing local standards. We strive to improve on our depth of skills and resources required to service our clients in an ever challenging legal environment. In doing this, the firm continues to look at the future because that is where we would have to live and survive.

I do hope our clients and our relationship law firms would continue as they have always done to give the firm the opportunity to remain useful”.


Managing Partner.

Who We Are

ETAH-NAN & C° is a bilingual (French and English) Law Firm created in 1985. The Firm presently has twelve members. This makes us one of the biggest by prevailing local standards. Members in the Firm are essentially Civil (French Lawyers), Common Law Lawyers (English Lawyers), American Lawyers and others specialised in Comparative Law (English and French Law).

We are principally involved in legal, regulatory and tax advisory services to corporate entities and State corporations and also general litigation. Over the years, the Firm’s expansion has been facilitated by its collaboration with other Law and Consultancy Firms in South Africa, Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Europe, the U.K, U.S.A and Asia.

The Firm has constantly been ranked as the leading firm in Cameroon, and David ETAH AKOH, the Firm’s Managing Partner is rated as the Leading Lawyer in Cameroon in General Business Law.

Our Major Areas of practice include Banking and Finance, Telecommunications, Energy, Mining and Petroleum Law, Corporate and Commercial Law, Aviation, Environmental Law, Intellectual Property, Capital Markets, Investment Law, Real Estate Law, Competition Law, Labour Law, Public Private Partnership Law, Construction Law, and Commercial Litigation.

We work for Local and International Corporate Entities in the Key Development Sectors of Cameroon, notably Mining, Oil and Gas, Banking and Finance, Telecoms, Energy, Environment, Tax, and Aviation.
We are the preferred law firm for many International Law Firms seeking legal assistance in Cameroon and as such, we regularly handle many referral assignments in Cameroon for Major Law Firms around the World, notably the Magic Circle firms in major cities in the United States of America, Latin America, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Asia.


“This prominent firm enjoys a stellar reputation in the Cameroonian market and has a strong international network, maintaining good relationships with law firms elsewhere in West Africa and beyond”.